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Little Hawaiian Tropical Drink Book

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Picture yourself on a sandy beach, a faint breeze rustling the coconut fronds, the sun sinking in an orange sky. What are you drinking in your fantasy? Mai tai? Zombie? Beachcomber's Gold? All these drinks were created by the legendary mixologist Don Beach, a.k.a. Don the Beachcomber, a South Seas adventurer who dreamt up cocktails for everyone from Clark Gable to Marlene Dietrich to you. Don the Beachcomber's Little Hawaiian Tropical Drink Book contains thirty-nine of Don's best recipes including lû'au libations, Polynesian potions and tropical tonics, as well as invaluable mixing and bartending tips and advice on finding the best rums. So invite some friends over and get ready to enjoy the drinks of paradise, compliments of Don.

Dimension: 4.3 x 0.4 x 6 inches

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